How does Teen Start-Up really work?

The event starts with understanding the problem domain. People working in the industry speak to teh group about the challenges they face and problems they think need addressing. Students can work individually or form teams. Then it's all about brainstorming ideas, and after a few hours of hard work you can expect to have launched your very own concept for a business or solution to a real-life problem!

Who is the target audience for Teen Start-Up?

This event targets upper primary and high school students interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and problem-solving. Students can work as individuals or in teams. Facilitators help with team formation and encourage a mix of skills in each team. Diversity in teams is encouraged; and we actively promote the idea that opinions and life experiences are just as valuable as technical skills when it comes to the creation of a successful idea.

Can I register with a team already formed?

Of course you can. When you register for Teen Start-Up, you will be asked to specify whether you are registering as part of a team or as an individual. For those registering as part of a team, you will be asked to list your team members. Please note there is a maximum of 4 students per team. For individual participants, you are welcome to work on your own or we will work with you at the start of the event to help form teams.

Is this only for programmers?

Absolutely not! This event is about the process and launch of good ideas. No coding skills are required to take part in this event. Each group needs people with diverse skills, just like a real business.

Should I bring food?

Yes, participants are required to bring their own lunch and snacks for the event. Please DO NOT bring any food containing nuts. Water will be available throughout the day to refill drink bottles.

What do I bring?

If students have a laptop or tablet and would like to work on it, they are welcome to bring it with them.  Wi-Fi will be available. Otherwise, just bring a good idea and enthusiasm! 

Can I still come along if I don't register?

Unfortunately not, tickets are limited. By registering we can make sure there are enough workspaces for everyone. 

Who gets to keep the IP developed during the event?

To keep things as simple as possible, we recommend that each group member has an equal share to what is developed during the event. The sponsors/organisers of Teen Start-Up will not take equity or commissions on sales.

Who are the organisers?

Teen Start-Up is an initiative of Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre. Lighthouse’s role is to ‘shed light’ on the commercialisation process through mentoring, referral and high-value events and programs such as Start-Up Camp Canberra and Teen Start-Up.

Teen Start-Up Camp is not in any way affiliated with Start-Up Week End LLC (USA). Start-Up Camps are being held in Sydney and Melbourne as well as most other cities in Australia and around the world!

Lighthouse will not take equity in any companies that may form as result of the Start-Up Camp Canberra or Teen Start-Up event or make any other claims on the IP developed in the course of the event.

Go to www.lighthouseinnovation.com.au for more information about Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre.

Interested in finding out more about Teen Start-Up?

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