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Teen Start-Up works by building on the principle that robust classroom discussions augment the learning process and improve the critical thinking skills of students. Classroom discussions, however, are limited to the knowledge, experiences, and perspectives of the members of the class.

Teen Start-Up provides access to a broader STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) ecosystem of scientists, technical experts, creatives and innovators, taking students through the innovation process.
We work with the school to set a theme or a problem to be solved, e.g. one Canberra school decided to focus on the ‘Sharing Economy’ as their theme.
We bring in guest speakers to provide real life context setting, e.g. at a ‘Future Cities’ themed Teen Start-Up we brought in scientists who focused on renewables, technology entrepreneurs who discussed technology trends, engineers who talked about autonomous vehicles, designers who talked about user experience, and social enterprises who focused on social inclusion.
Our experienced facilitators guide students through the innovation process, teaching them to use tools and techniques that help with idea generation, idea validation and working in teams.
We connect students with young entrepreneurs who act as mentors and share their own experiences of generating ideas to solve real world problems.
The event culminates with students pitching their problem, solution and proposed implementation plan to a panel of judges.

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