My son was encouraged to be an effective team member and take the time to research an area of interest him. Along the way his knowledge was broadened by guest speakers and the enthusiasm of his peers.
Parent Aviation Teen Start-Up 2016
Efficiently organised, very friendly and welcoming of all students, and a safe environment. The days are well structured, with a mix of stimulus to keep the children interested and content. Lots of stimulating speakers and mentors to engage the children, as well as the awesome technology showcasing. Seeing a variety of schools represented and a variety of ages was great too, giving children the opportunity to meet and work with new people.
Parent Aviation Teen Start-Up 2016
Everything about it - working with my friends, using the computers, the chance to win prizes and listening to what people do for jobs. Also I liked the toys.
Student Participant Aviation Teen Start-Up 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed the Teen Start-Up process, can't wait to do it again next year!
Student Participant Aviation Teen Start-Up 2016

I dropped off an amazing boy and picked up the same amazing boy but one with confidence, enthusiasm and a sparkle in his eye that he tells me came from working with amazing, interesting mentors and other students.

Parent Aviation Teen Start-Up 2016
I liked the technology showcase, the problem solving, the pitching and the entire innovation process.
Student Participant Teen Start-Up 2016

I loved all the support the groups were given, it was really great and it set us on the right track. I also like the presentations at the beginning, they were really interesting and insightful. The presentations at the beginning helped us form some interests and some vague ideas of what we wanted to do. All the mentors were great, and really helped me fix some loopholes in my idea. Teen Start-Up was great all round, I'll be there for the next one!

Student Participant Teen Start-Up 2015

Teen Start-Up is beneficial for young people to attend as it encourages them, and indeed teaches them, to think outside the box. It also gives them more experience in working in a group environment with short time limits, which is what they will face as they leave school and enter into university and workplaces.

Parent Teen Start-Up 2015
Everyone was passionate about solving real problems and making the world a better place.
Dr Lachlan Blackhall, Reposit Power Mentor, Teen Start-Up 2015

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